How to write the perfect wedding speech: 3 precious tips

After the fateful ‘Yes, I do’, after the kiss and the cutting of the cake, but before the wild dances, don’t do like all the other brides who forget these 20 things , but remember to thank your guests . They have been busy months, in which you have dedicated yourselves to the organization of the wedding, neglecting friends and relatives and perhaps even the poor husband .

There is no better way to your gratitude to everyone than a heartfelt speech. The traditions say that this task falls to the groom or his witness, but the traditions you know, are made to be broken! If you are talkative brides and like to speak in public, you could write the speech yourself; we give you 3 precious tips, follow them to the letter and you will leave everyone speechless.

  1. Simple, short and direct
    It is a message to thank the guests for being with you on such a happy day. The mood to follow is ‘go where your heart takes you’ , it will be the best strategy to really communicate the joy you feel.
  2. No big words
    Always with a view to staying as simple as possible, try not to insert too complex words, complex concepts or very long periods. We also advise against poems or rhymes , unless you are one of these writers , the result is likely to be more ridiculous than romantic.
  3. Break the ice
    A bit like in love movies (except that it actually works), try to start with a joke or joke that puts guests at ease, triggering a good laugh. Try an anecdote about the day: for example, if it rains that day, avoid the usual ‘wet bride …’ and start with: ‘at the beginning we thought of organizing the wedding outdoors , then luckily we changed our minds’.