Rice at Marriage: Between History, Curiosity and Innovation

Traditions are social behaviors that are consolidated over time, for this reason they are handed down from generation to generation . Often, however, their origin is unknown, especially for the oldest and it happens that everyone has their own version of the tradition . In the wedding universe of traditions to respect there are many, but let’s not forget that in weddings 2.0 everything is allowed, with the cry of: innovation !

Rice at the wedding: a bit of history
Weddings are a good example of this social phenomenon. The custom of throwing rice , for example, is the one with the most mysterious origin, given that there are numerous legends about the birth of this tradition. Why is rice thrown at the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony? We at Zankyou have investigated for you and have traced back to several myths that explain the meaning of this joyful custom !

As with all traditions involving love, marriages and the family , many wedding traditions have to do with fertility or fecundity . This is the case of rice , a symbol of these two virtues that is associated with the wish of good luck for the future of the couple as husband and wife , in practice, with rice he wishes them to be able to expand their family in a short time . Although both Europe and America have adopted it as part of their culture.

In ancient times, the grains did not have to be necessarily rice, in reality, the use of the same is subsequent to the birth of this tradition. Before, any cereal was valid to wish the couple a prosperous life and above all a beautiful and rich offspring. In Ancient Rome, women decorated their hair with ears of wheat and men placed a wheat cake on their heads; at the end of the ceremony, the bride distributed the cake among the guests so that, together with walnuts, almonds and other dried fruits, they would throw them to the newly married couple .